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Top 10 Must Have Windows System Administrator Tools

Today I’m serving you the Top 10 Must Have Windows System Administrator Tools every system administrator should know about. Most of them are freeware but some are paid. Feel free to expand this list in the comments. Here we go in no particulair order. The good ‘ol sysinternals suite, every Windows admin knows about this excellent toolkit.

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How To Get a List of Specified Users and Their Group Membership From Active Directory

Once in a while someone at your company asks you if you can deliver a list of users who are member of administration groups within your Active Directory environment. We want to restrict admin access to a minimum so it’s good to know who are the lucky ones and who are slipped through. 😉

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Manually install patches on your standalone VMware ESXi 5.1 host

It’s relatively easy to install patches and updates on a standalone VMware ESXi 5.1 host. Get the update(s) from the VMware Patch Portal Upload the zip files to your datastore. Shutdown all of your virtual machines and put the host in maintenance mode. Connect to your host using an SSH client (make sure SSH is

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